At Melbourne Roof Tiling Services Pty Ltd, we provide a comprehensive range of roof repair services for homes and businesses across Melbourne. Whether you’re looking for roof leak repairs, tile repairs, roof restoration, or roof repointing, our team is ready to help.

As a trusted roof tile supplier, we stock a wide range of new and second hand concrete and terracotta roof tiles from our tile yard in Preston. Our team can source the appropriate tiles to match with your existing roof, before carrying out the repairs efficiently and effectively.

With more than 40 years of industry experience, we have completed thousands of roof tile repair projects for satisfied customers across Melbourne.

Roof Repairs Melbourne

Tile Repairs & Replacement

Cracked, damaged or missing tiles can be more than just an aesthetic problem. Tile damage can compromise the structure and integrity of your roof. And the longer you leave it, the bigger and more costly the repairs will be.

Our team can handle minor or major roof tile repairs, replacing damaged tiles with perfectly matching new or reclaimed tiles.

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At Melbourne Roof Tiling Services Pty Ltd, we provide a complete range of roof tile services. Whether you’re looking for roof tile repairs or restoration, reroofing, roof painting or sealing, cleaning or complete roofing for a new build, extension or addition, our team is ready to help.

To discuss your requirements or get a free quote, give us a call or contact us online today.

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Roof Leak Repairs

If you’re having problems with a leaking roof, don’t delay! Roof leaks can cause havoc in your home, leading to costly damage to building structures, ceilings and walls. They can also pose a major electrical hazard and lead to mould and mildew problems.

A leaking roof will get progressively worse over time, leading to costly damage and more extensive repairs. But we can help.

We can determine the source of the leak, assess the damage and recommend the appropriate repairs. Whether the problem is damaged tile or ridge capping, or damage to the roof sarking, we can locate the problem and provide the necessary repairs.